A collection of links to 1800 Forums


Volvo Forum (English)
A very active forum for all Volvo models
Volvo 1800 Owners and Enthusiasts Group (English)
Dedicated to the exchange of information on the Volvo 1800, throughout the world, with technical discussions, support or sympathy. The 1800list is a group of individuals who drive, race, show, restore or just repair their Volvo 1800's solely to enlighten the human race.
Brickboard (English)
This is a site built for users by users. Over the years a huge amount of information about owning and keeping Volvos has moved through brickboard.com. Much of this information has been retained and is available in our archives.
VolvoAustraliaForums.com  (English)
Volvo 1800/120 Club Australia List - Volvo 1800 and 120 series list open to all
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