Photo: Peter
Id: mini 279
Make: Silvio Righetti
Scale: 1:46

Pictures of my Swiss made Righetti miniatures.

During the late 80ties I had contact with another Volvo 1800 collector from Switzerland and he was it who ordered the last availables of these miniatures from Silvio Righetti. In the year 1986. Righetti has produced 14 all togetrher, 1 goldmetallic, 1 redmetallic, but 4 silver and only 8 bluemetallic cars.

All the cars have the year of release '86 and their individual numbers behind the rear axles and in the middle of the bottoms there is marked SR for Silvio Righetti.

Number one is my red one, the miniature numbers two and three are the silver painted ones, number four is the golden car and the numbers five to fourteen are the blue ones.

My swiss Volvo collector friend owns the golden (light golden like champain) car, the other silver one and one or two blue ones too.

The origin of these ES are the Corgi Toys from England, the manufacturer changed the front grille and bumpers and added the side trims to the late P1800 ones (but you can see the upward sweep of the Corgis too). He changed the roof and the rear side, used smaller but deeper wheels with rubber tyres, added side mirrors and fitted the interior with a left hand side steering wheel and a gear switch lever.

The red boxes for these rare cars are self drawn and glued by Righetti and they show the colour and the number of the car inside.

Peter 22/1/01

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