Photo: Peter
Id: mini 576
Make: Minichamps
Scale: 1:43

In the year 2000 Paul's Model Art GmbH & Co.KG from Aachen in Germany started the production of very superb and accurate 1:43 scale miniatures with the name Minichamps.

They copied the Volvo 1800 ES and the late 1800 S with his straight side trims, straight bumpers, mirror on dashboard, wheels with 8 ventilation holes and the frontgrille of the Volvo modelyears '66 to '69.

The ES has the typical black frontgrille with vertical props and the original wheels with 9 ventilation holes.

The metal made car bodies of both types are completed with a lot of chromed plastic parts as the bumpers with rubber skirtings, all trims arond the very original looking lights and indicators, side trims and trims around the windows, all handles, mirrors, windscreen wipers and washers, antennas, emblems, frontgrille and grillframes.

The interiors show exact seat designs for both Volvo types, 3 spoke sreering wheels, all door and dashboard handles, gear lever and all gauges in the wood designed dashboards.

A nicely designed black plastic bottom plate for both versions is marked: "Paul's Model Art, Minichamps, Volvo P 1800, Volvo P 1800 ES, 1964 - 73, made in China.

These wondelfully and very accurate fabricated miniatures are screwed on black plastic plates marked in silver letters with the cars type, the number of limitation and the colour of the miniature.

The cars on the plates are protected under clear plastic bonnets and all together they come in a black glossy paper box marked in white letters with "Minichamps" and with some more informations about the manufacturer and the miniature.

Peter 19/03/06

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