Volvo 1800
Model Year & Colour

Volvo's historical archive gives us access to manufacturing data for Volvo 1800 and permission to present the number of cars of each model and colour at an overall level.

Model/year Status/Link
P1800 1961-1963 Completed
P1800S 1963 Completed
1800S 1964 Started
1800S 1965 Not started
1800S 1966 Started
1800S 1967 Started
1800S 1968 Not started
1800S 1969 Completed
1800E 1970 Started
1800E 1971 Not started
1800E 1972 Not started
1800ES 1972 Not started
1800ES 1973 Started
All model years/all colours Started
Going through 47,493 microfilmed delivery cards is time consuming and unfortunately also involves some costs. The Volvo archive is located in Gothenburg 500 km from my home, which means travel and hotel costs. If you want to help me complete this, a contribution would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks/ Karl Eric Målberg