Lars Lönndahl with his Volvo P1800S 1964

Lars Lönndahl

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Lars "Lasse" Lönndahl, born August 19, 1928, is a Swedish singer, born in Stockholm.

His breakthrough was in 1949 with his first record, "Tangokavaljeren", which reached #1 in Sweden. After that he became one of the leading faces in popular music, scoring 12 nr. 1 hit singles in the '50s. The ingles included: "Ett Vänligt Litet Ord" (1952), "Sången Från Moulin Rougue" (1953), "That's Amore" (1953), "Legenden Om Tina" (1954), "Man Måste Vara Två" (1956), "Kärleksbrev I Sanden" (1957), "Cindy Min Cindy" (1957), "Tulpaner Från Amsterdam" (1957), "Volare" (I Det Blå) (1958), "Piccolissima Serenata" (1958), "I Dina Kvarter" (1959) & "Flickor Bak I Bilen" (1959).

He also did some movies in the late 50's, "Åsa Nisse Flyger I Luften", "Ung och Grön", "Det Svänger På Slottet" and others

In the 1960s his career started of with becoming the first one ever to score a number 1 single on the new Swedish chart "Svensktoppen" (the most important chart). The year was 1962 and the song were called "Midnattstango", which stayed on the charts in 18 weeks. Between the years 1962-1972 he had 35 songs on the chart, including some classic Swedish tunes such as: "Visa Mig Hur Man Går Hem", Söker Du Så Finner Du" (both 1964), "Tusen Och En Natt" (1966), "Kvällens Sista Dans" (1967) & "Allting Är Så Underbart" (1970).

At this point in the end of the 60's he had already become a classic Swedish singer. His nicknames were all from "The Swedish Frank Sinatra" to "World's Oldest Teenager".

Even if he in the mid 70's slowed down his career he is still considered Sweden's maybe most popular singer of all times and is a very popular figure in media.

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