Volvo 1800 Picture Gallery 
Volvo P1800 Pictures Gallery

Volvo 1800 Tool kit

Tool kit in the spare part catalouges
(same picture in both early (B18) and late(B20) catalogue)

Item Part no Photo Notes

1-Spanner 755-9
The Early P1800 has the fishtail adjustable and small volvo embossed at the adjustable end.

Later ones had larger Volvo printed down the length of the Fishtail Adjustable.

Single adjustable late 66 onwards.

2-plier 754-2  

3-Screwdriver 210091-5  

4-Screwdriver 210072-5 Changed to black handle, when?

5-Box spanner 210107-9  

6-Lever 210082-4  

7-Jack 664480-1
From P1800 1961 confirmed
Chassis 1-14825
Excluding: 14166.14197,14236,14275,14313,14318,14319,14322-14334,14341,14342,14344,14347,14352,14355,14358,14359,14374,14395-14397,14400,14402-14406,14407,14409-14411,14413-14416,14420,14422,14434-14445,14447-14453,14455,14459-14463,14465-14469,14472-14474,14476,14477,14479-14486,14488-14492-14497-14507.14509-14524,14526-14543,14545-14549,14551-14552,14554-14575,14577-14582,14585-14589,14591-14594,14596-14685,14687-14824

8-lever 664605-3
From P1800 1961 confirmed

7-Jack 668413-8
From 1800S 1966 confirmed

From 1800ES not confirmed
Chassis 14825-
Including: 14166.14197,14236,14275,14313,14318,14319,14322-14334,14341,14342,14344,14347,14352,14355,14358,14359,14374,14395-14397,14400,14402-14406,14407,14409-14411,14413-14416,14420,14422,14434-14445,14447-14453,14455,14459-14463,14465-14469,14472-14474,14476,14477,14479-14486,14488-14492-14497-14507.14509-14524,14526-14543,14545-14549,14551-14552,14554-14575,14577-14582,14585-14589,14591-14594,14596-14685,14687-14824

8-Lever 668414-6
From 1800S 1966 not confirmed

From 1800ES 1973 confirmed

9-Tool bag 670916-6
From 1800S 1965 confirmed

From 1800S 1969 not sure if original

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