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Victoria Design Volvo P 1800 miniatures are 295 mm in lenght, the gauge is round about 1:15.

After the production of the much more realistic designed Volvo PV 544, PV 210 Duett and Amazon miniatures in 2004 and 2005 the manufacturer with the label "Victoria Design / Skanör" now sells very ugly and absolutely wrong formed Volvo P 1800 modelcars.

Available colours are red, ivory white and a light brownish grey like clay, all with black interiors.As far as I know these miniatures are made in China and they are offered in Sweden now.

It seems to be that the producer only have had a picture of the front of a P 1800 Volvo, because the rear side of the car doesn't look like a P 1800 even more like a small japanese car.

It is difficult to identify a Volvo P 1800, only the front view with the typical grille and the long bonnet as well as the side trim with the typical upward sweep under the small rear side window indicate a P 1800.

Both bumpers are wrong with their vertical puffers, the handles mistakely are at the front end of the doors and the petrol lock lies under the left side window, the complete rear end isn't realistic with its missing boot, wrong rear lights and it is much too short, even like a fastback.

These plaster or something like clay made miniatures are fitted with rubber tyres and with a black painted tin plate bottoms, fixed with rivets to their high weight bodies.

Inside you can see a dashboard as well as front and rear seats, all wrong designed too.

The car has been painted artistic to look used and old, and it is smelling very strongly like heating oil. (My wife is angry about that) These miniatures are fitted with an oval cardboard shield showing a lightblue and golden printed house between the names "Victoria Design" above and "Skanör" below.

Peter 02/12/06


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