Photo: Peter
Id: mini 438
Make: Anguplas
Scale: 1:87

In the beginning of the sixties the Spanish brand Anguplas produced nice H0 miniatures of the Volvo P 1800.

Anguplas was the forerunner of the later Eko miniatures. Completely made with plastic parts the manufacturer fitted his Volvo with extra parts as a "chromed" frontgrille and headlights and used a silvery bottom plate marked: Mini Cars, Volvo P-1800, made in Spain, 1/86. The windows are made of a single thick clear plastic piece as Eko did later on as well. The most Anguplas are relatively heavy for little plastic miniatures. The reason is that the manufacturer added lead plates inside. These Anguplas Mini Cars have big plump formed wheels with black tyres.

But there are light weight miniatures without this inner lead plate and fitted with smaller plump white wheels and smaller tyres. As I learned from the author of the great Anguplas collectors book these light weight cars have been export versions because of saving shipping charges.

If you look at the Anguplas Volvos above you will find a production mistake. The left side of the car is more straight than the right side.

Available colours have been red, green and blue and the rarer light colours light violet, light blue and presumably a third light colour.

Anguplas Mini Cars were sold in beautiful small paper boxes with a drawn red P 1800 and the number 99 in a small circle on one large side, with a logo showing a globe with the text "the miniature world" and a red "Anguplas" script on the second large side, with the "caracteristicas del Volvo Sport", the technical dates on the third and the Mini Cars logo with a steering wheel on the fourth large side. The short side flaps are marked with "Volvo Sport" and the other with "Division Sport No.9, serie S". The mainly blue and white striped box is marked with "made in Spain", "miniature cars at 1:86 scale" and with two thick scripts "Export".

Peter 19/02/06

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