Photo: Peter
Id: mini 277
Make: Carmodel
Scale: 1:87

The Carmodel Volvo is originally the Spanish Eko. The Eko mark under the bottom was eliminated and instead of the silver Eko bottoms these are black now.

I have only  seen this Volvo miniature in metallic blue. These cars were always sold in clear Wiking boxes fixed with a bracket on white bases with a shield for the name of the car and its construction year.

The P1800 from 1960 has the typical upward formed silver painted side trim and a silver front grille as the only differences to the Volvo 1800 from 1970, which has no silver painted side trims but a black front grille.

But both cars have silver painted trims around the windows and both are fitted with wide black tyres on silver coloured spoke wheels - I believe they are from Wiking too.

These Carmodel miniatures were sold in the early 90ties. I saw this seller on toyfairs in Germany only a few month selling different modelcars and marks all based on Eko originals and all in the same clear boxes with white bases and shields for the construction years.

He named his miniatures Carmodels and he had calling cards with this Carmodel brand too.

Peter 22/01/06


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