Photo: Peter
Id: mini 514
Make: Corgi
Scale: 1:46

In the early sixties the English manufacturer Corgi Toys started the production of his 1:46 scale die-cast Volvo P 1800 miniatures portraying the English P 1800 prototype with its rear cowhorn bumpers, the typically "V" on the frontgrille and splitted number plate lights. These Corgis have silver painted bumpers, frontgrille, indicators, side trims with the upward sweeps and silver and red painted rear lights, while the headlights are made with yellow glas parts. Their undersides are marked: "Volvo P. 1800, Corgi Toys, patent application 21101/59, made in Gt. Britain" and the model number 228 is shown.

Available external colours have been the most seen red and beige, a bright red and very rarely pink and white. Interior colours are red for the beige and white models, yellow for the red, the bright red and for the pink coloured cars.

The blue and yellow printed boxes with a nicely drawn Jensen coupé and the Corgi logo with the dog, are marked: Corgi Toys, 228 Volvo P. 1800, Glidamatic spring suspension seats and steering wheel, Die-cast scale models, made in Gt Britain, Playcraft Toys Ltd. London.

After the great success of "The Saint" on TV Corgi Toys produced a white "the Saint's car" with a driver figure inside and the stickman logo on the bonnet. The number 228 was eliminated from the undersides. The new boxes, now showing a white drawn Volvo P 1800 with the Saint logo and Roger Moore behind the steering wheel, are marked with: the "Saint's" car, model number 258.

During the sixties this version grew up to the most sold version of the Corgi Toys Volvo with over one million sold pieces.

At the end of the production in the early seventies there have been "The Saint" versions with a white stickman on a red bonnet-sticker, usually fitted with the same smooth silvery wheels and others with spoke wheel imitations.

Peter 26/02/05

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