Photo: Peter
Id: mini 350
Make: Corgi Junior Whizzwheels
Scale: 1:66

The only colour available of Corgi Juniors Whizzwheels have been red with black painted bonnet

Interior colours are creamwhite, yellow, blue and lightblue. All Corgi Whizzwheels are fitted with a tow hook and under the silvery bottom is marked: Volvo P 1800, Whizzwheels, Corgi Juniors, made in Gt. Britain, Pat. App. 3396/69. The earlier cars roll on wheels with ten spokes and the last ones have the same five spoke wheels as the red rockets have.

Corgi Juniors Whizzwheels only have been sold blistered on small blue and yellow printed cards

Peter 05/02/06

P Carlin
Volvo P1800 Model cars

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