Photo: Peter
Id: mini 267
Make: Cragstan
Scale: 1:40

This  slotcar comes from Hong Kong. The manufacturer of these slotcars is called Cragstan in the USA, but I don't know whether this Volvo slotracer ever was sold in the States.

In Germany these race games should have been sold under the label "Unser Favorit", Autorennen. They have been a very cheap alternative to the Carrera races.

There exists race games only with two cars, a red Jaguar D Type and a lightblue Mercedes 300 SL and another with the same two cars and additional with this green Volvo P 1800.

I own a set, but only that one with the two other cars. I don't know whether the racing set with the Volvo looks similar or not and whether the P 1800 is shown on the cover or not. But on the cover of the race set with the Volvo there is placed a red point with the "Unser favorit" label in white letters.

All the three cars never have been seen in other colour versions.

My two Volvos have a slight difference in colour, one is more green and the other is a little more light and more turquoise.

Another and more significant difference is the drive.

One time the motor is placed along and the other is placed crosswise.
One time there are gearwheels and the other has a rubber band for drive.
One time there is Hong Kong marked under the bottom and the other time it is not.

Peter 20/01/06

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