Photo: Peter
Id: mini 521
Make: Dinky
Scale: 1:42

In 1966 the English manufacturer Dinky Toys started the production of the 1:42 scale Volvo 1800 S.

These usually red or redmetallic painted miniatures have opening doors, boot and bonnet, with movable plastic seats inside, with spring suspension and steering, with spoke wheels and jewelled headlights. The bumpers and the frontgrille are chromed plastic as is the engine. Red cars have white interiors and the redmetallic Volvos have light blue ones. The steering wheel  is normally black.

Red Dinkys wear the number FTR 476 and rarer the number UVR 576D on the black number plate stickers, the redmetallic cars have white and yellow number plates with either INJ 72G or MTB 21H.

The white painted undersides of the Dinky Volvos have one rivet and they are marked: "Dinky Toys, Meccano Ltd, made in England, Volvo 1800 S" and they show the model number 116 and patent numbers as well.

But there have been some very rarely seen differencies in production.

Some collectors heard about a black version of the Dinky Toys Volvo 1800 S.

There is a redmetallic car with a white steering wheel and another redmetallic car with painted instead of the jewelled headlights.

The boxes have yellow plastic plates with printed yellow/ black paper covers showing a street. Clear bonnets marked "Dinky Toys" on top protect the miniatures. These plastic boxes have differencies in their length and printing too.

Dinky Toys even sold a kit version of this Volvo. It's called Dinky action kit number 1002. 27 pieces are blistered on a nicely drawn blue printed card showing a yellow early P 1800. The added Humbrol enamel everytime is yellow. These miniatures have other wheels than the ready made Dinkys, they are screwed and they have a black, green or light blue interior.

Peter 27/2/06

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