Photo: Peter
Id: mini 703
Make: Tekno
Scale: 1:43

During the sixties the Danish manufacturer Tekno produced well formed 1:43 scale miniatures and they usually painted them in original colour versions of the real Volvos.

The collector will be able to differ between five production periods of Tekno Volvo P 1800 miniatures.

The first series cars were fitted with other more plump tyres than the usual lengthways grooved ones of all the later series.

Tekno's second series still had the same clear plastic head lights as series one cars but they had the usual mostly seen tyres. External colours of both series are the three colours of the real Jensen built P 1800 cars, namely creamwhite, red and anthracite metallic (a very dark grey metallic near black).

The white cars have red interiors, the red and anthracite metallic ones have cream, white or light yellow seats - sometimes  the colour of the window plastic is the same as well.

The third series came with new glas headlights instead of the plastic lamps, the anthracite metallic version got red seats, the red (sometimes slightly darkred) miniatures rarely got black interiors and the creamwhite changed into pearlwhite as in reality too. During the long time of this period other external colours as bluegray, clear white, dark yellow, a light sunyellow, blue, greenbeige, darkgreen and a real deep black have been produced too.

All the three first series have silver painted bottom plates and white metal wheels with silver hubcaps looking like whitewall-tyres. The series four Teknos now had similar looking but plastic made wheels and white painted bottom plates. External colours now have been clear white, light grey, dark red and darkgreen, all with red or black and the dark green miniature with brown interiors. Maybe there are other colour variations too.

The Tekno miniatures were available in nice paper boxes with drawings of a white Volvo 1800, a dashboard and technical informations.

Tekno's last production series has got the most changes. Now the Tekno logo under the (again) silver or black painted bottom was removed and the miniatures were blistered on cards marked Blist-car.

The darkred or usually greengoldmetallic painted miniatures now got new designed ugly silvery 6-spoke wheels. The silver painted sidetrims, numberplate lights and the red or orange painted rear lights and orange or yellow painted indicators of the earlier series now are not longer painted.

This last Tekno version seem to be a cheaper no name variation for special department stores.

Peter 23/02/06

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