Photo: Peter
Id: mini 293
Make: Tin Wizard
Scale: 1:43
Since the middle of the eighties you can buy Tin Wizard kits and ready made cars.

Tin Wizard used the same Tekno chassis as Moa Replicas, but they replaced the designed bottom plates with plain ones.

These screwed bottom plates are painted black with  the typical Tin Wizard logo, "No. 1.07" and "Volvo 1800". While the bottom plates are more basic and simple compared to Moa Replica, some other details have been improved.

The headlamps are made of plastic with metal trim rings around and the front grille is as glossy as the bumpers.The material of the interior is still metal but the rear depository and the dashboard are better formed. The wheels and rubber tyres are the same as the Moa Replica ones.

The kits were sold in green and black printed boxes with a window to show the car inside. Late boxes have no window and are a little bit larger.Red, white and dark green have been the available colours of the ready made cars.

Peter 23/01/06


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