Photo: Peter
Id: mini 457
Make: Vinyline
Scale: 1:49

One of the rarest Volvo P 1800 miniatures is the rubber made Vinyline.

This car is not marked with the manufacturers name, but the tyres and the way of it's bottom design are indications for the german brand Vinyline. Some other cars of this manufacturer have a logo with a little silly train and the name Vinyline. These rubber made miniatures are very similar to the less rare brands Tomte Laerdal and Galanite, who produced a Volvo Amazon and a 144 Volvo too.

The Vinyline P 1800 is a copy of the Corgi Toys Saints car. Looking carefully at this miniature you can recognize the form of the Saint's sticker on the bonnet and the form of the glas headlights as well as many other typical Corgi features as the splitted prototype rear number plate lights, the "V" on the frontgrille and the typical ridges and design mistakes of the chassis.

Presumably this Vinyline Volvo P 1800 was available at minimum in yellow, red, blue, green.

The blue Vinyline above was printed in a French oldtimer magazine. They called it incorrectly Galanite

Peter 20/02/06

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