Volvo 1800 Picture Gallery 
Volvo P1800 Pictures Gallery

Gearboxes, Volvo 1800

P180  Serie Chassis No. 1 - 28299

1961-1968 B18-motorn

Type Gearbox
P18334 M40
P18335 M41
P18344 M40
P18345 M41
P18394 M40
P18394 M41

182 Chassis No. - 37549 

Type Engine Gearbox
183351 B20B M41
183352 B20B M41
183451 B20B M41
184351 B20E M41, M410
184352 B20E M41, M410
184353 B20E M41
184361 B20E M41
184361 B20E BW35
184362 B20E BW35
184463 B20E BW35
184451 B20E M41

182 Chassis No. - 39407

Type Engine Gearbox
1824351 B20E M41
1824352 B20E M41
1836353 B20E M41
1826354 B20F M41
1826363 B20F BW35
1826364 B20F BW35

183 Chassis No. 1 - 8078

Type Engine Gearbox
1834351 B20E M41
1834352 B20E M41
1834361 B20E BW35
1834362 B20F BW35
1836353 B20F M41
1836354 B20F M41
1836361 B20F BW35
1836362 B20F BW35
1836363 B20F BW35
1836364 B20F BW35

The final digit in the type number indicates:

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