Volvo 1800 Picture Gallery 
Volvo P1800 Pictures Gallery

Sunroof on Volvo 1800 by Eirik Rian

"I  did some research about sunroofs on Volvo 1800. Its not original from the factory, but they made some 7+ dealer installed cars between 66 and 68 in the LA area.

They were installed by the German factory Golde, which had similar original installations in VW, BMW, Porsche and Mercedes. Golde was also the producers of the original sunroof for Volvo 140’s, 164 and 240. Golde and Volvo did not pursue this initiative and Golde instead started a subsidiary in US delivering their sunroof solutions to US car producers.

I bought mine 66 as a project but realized after installing seats that I banged my head into the sunroof box, which is installed on the inside (I’m quite tall), so sold it. Finding parts to that sunroof is a nightmare or near impossible  Mine was the personal car of the Volvo dealer in LA. P1800 with Golde sunroof is even rarer than the 20+ Volvoville dealer installed convertible.

There are other versions too, like Webasto, but I believe those are taken from other cars and installed by owners.  Pic of mine former here."

Eirik Rian 2019-10-21

Volvo 1800 Picture Gallery

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