Volvo 1800 Picture Gallery 
Volvo P1800 Pictures Gallery

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Service Manuals Format Size Format Size

Many thanks to Jack Cluer, United Kingdom and Gary Suffel, Canada

0(03) Specification 1800, 1800S 14.24MB    
1 Lubrication P120 P1800 PDF 9.46MB    
1(11) 10000 km Service PDF 20.53MB    
2 Engine B20A, B20B PDF 39.60MB    
2A Engine B18A PDF 35.66MB    
2B Engine B18 B/D PDF 17.10MB    
3 Electrical system P1800 PDF 28.70MB    
3 (32) Alternator equipment 12V PDF 5.65MB    
4 (41) Clutch 120 140 1800 PDF 12.40MB    
4 (43) Gearbox (M40, M41) PDF 8.00MB    
4 (43a) Overdrive 120 140 1800 PDF 9.63MB    
4 (43b) Overdrive type J PDF 9.63MB    
4 (45) Propeller shaft 120 140 1800 PDF 4.99MB    
4 (46) Rearaxle (spicer) PDF 14.89MB    
4 (46) Rear axle (Spicer mod. 27) PDF 12.07MB    
5 Brakes (disc brakes) 120 1800 PDF 15.68MB    
6 Front end & steering gear 120 1800 PDF 14.94MB    
7 Springs, shock absorbers, wheels 120 1800 PDF 10.06MB    
8 Body P1800 PDF 11.73MB    
(91,94) Instrument, Heater PDF 6.20MB    
Many thanks to Jim Abernathy and David Farrington for these super clean wiring diagrams Wiring Diagram 1800E 1972 PDF 3.19MB    
Wiring Diagram 1800ES 1972 PDF 3.40MB    
Wiring Diagram 1800ES 1973 JPG 3.23MB    

Service Manual P1800

UD 5013/4 1000. 12. 64 Engelska

PDF 86.74MB    

Service Manual 1800E Provisional

TP 10579/1 Engelska 4000.11.69

PDF 11.5MB    

Service manual 1800E 1971 323 pages PDF 103 MB    

Manuals Format Size Format Size
coversmall.jpg (4883 bytes) Instruction book/Owners manual1800S PDF 2.3 MB
Supplement (1969) Instruction book/Owners manual1800S PDF 1.3 MB
instruktionsbok.jpg (114090 bytes) Instruction book/Owners manual 1800 E ES Word 6.0MB


Parts Catalogue Format Size Format Size
Parts catalogue 180 (B18) PDF 39.6 MB
Parts catalogue 182 183 (B20) PDF 51.4MB    
Parts Catalogue supplement PDF 1.5 MB
Genuine Volvo parts 1962 - 1972

RA 32200-110.

PDF 16.39MB

Air Conditioner Format Size Format Size
Volvo Air Conditioner Owners manual
140, 160, 180 version1
Volvo Air Conditioner Owners manual
140, 160, 180 version 2
Volvo Air Conditioner Owners manual
140, 160, 122, 180
Volvo Air Conditioner Parts Catalogue Word 2.9 MB
Partlist and installation Instruction Volvo F-500 Evaporator kit 122 and P1800 PDF 2.3 MB
York, Climate control, Service Manual 23 pages PDF 9.0 MB

Frigiking general instruction and service manul PDF 19.5 MB
Frigiking P1800-E Supplement for manual No. 84-52376 Rev B 11/69 PDF 613KB
Frigiking AC General instructions 84-52201 Rev. A PDF 448KB
Frigikar designs new air unit for Volvo PDF 1.11MB

Volvo Air Conditioner

Owner's guide & Warranty

PDF 2.60 MB

Brakes Format Size Format Size

Girling Vacuum servo Units Mk I & II - Motor Trader Service Supplement , April 27, 1960 PDF 1.14MB    

Girling K292 repair instruction  PDF 1.14MB

Girling equipment on the Volvo P1800 Word 608 KB

Girling Vacuum Servo Units PDF 2.46MB

Girling Hydralic Servo unit MK2A as well as the MK2B plus more modern servos PDF 29.66MB

Overdrive Format Size Format Size

Overdrive (Laycock De Normanville) Word 1.08MB

Service instruction manual for the Laycock-de-Normanville overdrive unit with electrical control PDF 8.30MB

Volvo Overdrive Diagnostic and trouble shooting. Volvo part number 7777943-7 PDF 11.0MB

Format Size Format Size
Pirelli pocket guide PDF 3.3MB    
Tuning S.U Carburetters PDF 1.72MB    
BW 35 Manual PDF 7.17MB    
  Engineering features of 1973 models PDF 42.25MB    

Volvo Fuel Injection Fault Tracing 7777920-5 1973 PDF 9.35MB

Presenting the Volvo p1800 Sports Coupe

The CAR for the discriminating driver

PDF 1.98MB

Volvo Service, special tools, 54 pages

TP 40003-1 eng 1000.10.68

PDF 7.52

Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual  PDF 117.8MB

LUCAS Equipment & Spareparts, March 1963 PDF 637KB

Perfomance Tuning B18 series  PDF 336KB

Smiths-Clock Instruction PDF 610 KB

AM-FM Radio Volvo Model 7FBVOX. Part list and description PDF 2.16MB

Volvo 1800E Engineering Features PDF 18.22MB
Installation instruction for steering wheel lock for 1800 540523/1 400.3.70 PDF 329KB

Fitting instructions for luggage rack 2777154-1 JPG 350KB

Template for jack crank handle rod JPG 192KB    

Service hints      4/68-1M PDF 3,60MB

Volvo Competition Service Parts and Equipment Catalog No 7771017-6 PDF 2.87MB

Volvo Competion Service RSP PV 4624-77 PD PDF 2.9MB

Volvo Automatic Transmission Diagnostic Chart PDF 2.2MB

Volvo Operating tips 1972 PDF 2.7MB

Consumer Performance Information 1973 Volvos TP88214/1 (USA) 15000.8.72 PDF 1.9MB

Rear Axle 7777944-5 PDF 4.7MB

Volvo Tune up and Wheel alignment JPG 304KB

Bulletins Format Format Size
Workshop bulletins, 76 pages JPG in Database
Service bulletins 115 pages JPG in Database

Accessories Format Size
Accessories to make a good thing better

#7771007 10-17-125

PDF 4.53MB
Volvo GT Accessories PDF 396KB
Genuine Volvo Parts 1962 - 1972

RA 32200-110.






Volvo performance and GT accessories 7771017-6 PDF 4.81MB
Sold and Serviced by your Volvo dealer PDF 1.92MB
Volvo accessories CA 6/65 PDF 28.4MB

Custom accessories Format Size
Enjoy your Volvo even more with custom accessories PDF 16.04MB
Accessories 1969 Format Size
Accessories made exclusively for your Volvo 1969 PDF 49.38MB
Genuine Volvo Accessories 1971 Format Size Format Size

Group 1   Luggage PDF 1.61MB Word 1.63MB
Group 2   Lighting PDF 10.73MB Word 10.82MB
Group 3   Vehicle maintenance PDF 6.48MB Word 6.54MB
Group 4   Comfort, interior PDF 7.45MB Word 8.03MB
Group 5   Radio PDF 2.29MB Word 2.31MB
Group 6   Road safety PDF 5.53MB Word 5.52MB
Group 7   Cold climate articles PDF 4.22MB Word 4.26MB
Group 8   Miscellaneous PDF 4.71MB Word 4.76MB
Group 9   Spare parts PDF 5.26MB Word 5.31MB

Genuine Volvo Accessories 1973 Format Size Format Size

P10   Storage, cargo, luggage PDF 11.67MB Word 11.76MB
P20   Lighting, electrical equipment PDF 7.06MB Word 7.12MB
P30   Repair and maintenance items PDF 10.22MB Word 10.30MB
P40   Comfort PDF 4.19MB Word 4.23MB
P50   Stereo PDF 9.32MB Word 9.39MB
P60   Road safety, child safety, anti-theft PDF 4.99MB Word 5.03MB
P70   Climate - Cold weather accessories PDF 3.23MB Word 3.26MB
P80   Climate - Warm weather accessories PDF 1.72MB Word 1.74MB
P90   Sporting accessories, trim, wheels PDF 3.98MB Word 4.02MB

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