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Instruction book/Owners manual
Pictures scanned from the original manual. All text re-typed.
PDF document  2.27 Mb

1969 Supplement
Pdf 1,263 Mb


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Instruction book /Owners manual

1800 E,ES (Swedish)

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1800S (Swedish)
PDF dokument del 1  3.5Mb
PDF dokument del 2  3.9Mb

Tillägg till Instruktionsbok
PDF Dokument 0
25 Mb


Instruction book/Owners manual
1800 E ES

PDF Document (not the best quality, but better than nothing. If someone would lend me a manual, I could make something better) 18.5 Mb

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   Parts Catalogue in
English and Swedish
Part 1 (pdf 6.91 Mb)
Part 2 (pdf 5.16 Mb)
Supplement (pdf 1.53Mb)


Instruction book/Owners manual
1800 E ES

MS word Document  6 Mb

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      1972 E Wiring Diagram 1972 ES Wiring Diagram
The Service manuals below  have been scanned from original Volvo manuals by Tadeusz Malkiewicz who is also selling high quality versions of the same documents on e-bay - just run a Search for Volvo 1800 CD or his eBay ID: "ysmalkie"
(No affiliation with volvo1800pictures.com)
Verkstadshandbok (Swedish)
PDF Document  6.38Mb

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Service manual
0. Specification
PDF Document 4.68 Mb
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Service Manual
Part 1    Lubrication
PDF Document 3.08Mb
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Service Manual
1. Service and Maitenance
PDF Document 2.73 Mb
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Service Manual
Part 2A    Engine B18 A
PDF Document part 1  7.37Mb
PDF Document part 2  6.07Mb
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Service Manual

2. Engine
PDF Document 17.46 Mb
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Service Manual
Part 2B    Engine B18B , B18D
PDF Document  7.26Mb
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Service Manual
3. Electrical System and instruments
PDF Document 15.20 Mb
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Service Manual
Part 3    Electrical System
PDF Document part 1  7.55Mb
PDF Document part 2  5.57Mb
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Service Manual
4. Power transmission and rear axle
PDF Document 21.74 Mb
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Service Manual
Part 4 (41)    Clutch P120, P1800
PDF Document  4.39Mb
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Service Manual
5. Brakes
PDF Document 12.52Mb
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Service Manual
Part 4(43)    Gearbox (M40, M41)
PDF Document  3.63Mb
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Service Manual
6. Front end and steering gear
PDF Document 7.58 Mb
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Service Manual
Part 4 (43a)    Overdrive
PDF Document  4.71Mb
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Service Manual

7. Frame, suspension, wheels

PDF Document Md

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Service Manual
Part 4 (45)    Propeller Shaft
PDF Document  2.06Mb
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Service Manual
8. Body
PDF Document 7.08 Mb
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Service Manual
Part 4 (46)    Rear Axle
PDF Document  5.23Mb
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Service Manual
Part 5    Brakes
PDF Document  7.27Mb
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Service Manual
Part 6    Front End and Steering Gear
PDF Document  6.71Mb
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Service Manual
Part 7 Springs, Shock Absorbers, Wheels
PDF Document  3.39Mb
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Service Manual
Part 8    Body
PDF Document  5,84Mb
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Service Manual
Part 9 (91,94) Instruments, Heater System
PDF Document  4.14Mb
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Upholstery codes by Tadeusz Malkiewicz

Excel file 24K




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