Wiring diagrams for all Volvo 1800 models by Warren Townsend
The Wiring Diagrams are presented as Pdf files and quite small file size, but the images are high quality and colored including the wire colors.

The image can be zoomed in quite close, or enlarged considerably for printing on large format if required
P1800 1961 – 1963  version  2.7
P1800S 1963 version  2.6
1800S 1964 version  2.7
1800S 1965-1968  version  2.6
1800S 1969 version  2.6
1800E 1970  version  2.4
1800E 1971  version  2.4
1800E 1972  version  2.4
1800ES 1972  version  2.4
1800ES 1973  version  2.4
Voltage Stabilizer version 1.2
Wiring diagrams for 1972 1800E and 1972-1973 1800ES with all items on a list in Excel with grid references to the diagram, by Jim Perry
Wiring diagram 1800 ES 1973 (1.7MB .jpg)
Item list on Excel sheet (15KB  xlsx)
Wiring diagram 1800 ES 1972 (1.7MB .jpg)
Item list on Excel sheet (15KB  xlsx)
Wiring diagram 1800 E 1972 (1.3MB .jpg)
Item list on Excel sheet (15KB  xlsx)
Wiring diagrams for 1800E 1972 and 1800ES 1972 and 1973 by Jim Abernathy and David Farrington
Wiring Diagram 1800E 1972
Wiring Diagram 1800ES 1972
Wiring Diagram 1800ES 1973
Volvo 1800S Wiring Diagrams organized by function based on the schematic in the 1968 factory manual. Prepared by Jeff Solt Guinn
Wiring Diagram 1800S 1968
Wiring loom 1800ES 1973 RHD
Wiring loom 1800ES 1973 LHD
Wiring diagrams switches Volvo 1800 by Warren Townsend

Ignition switch P1800 & S

Ignition switch 1800E & ES