Title: VOLVO P1800 – Sportvagnshistorien i tre delar (Swedish only)

En trilogi med 2100 bilder paketerade i en box

Author: Kenneth Colland & Mats Westman

Reference: Trafik-Nostalgiska förlaget Stockholm 2021

Number of pages: 704

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Title: Volvo P1800 – from idea to prototype and production

Publisher: Trafik-Nostalgiska Förlaget and the Swedish Volvo P1800 Club

Author: Kenneth Collander and Mats Eriksson

Reference: ISBN 978-91-86275-55-6

Number of pages: 280

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Title: Volvo 1800 Svensk teknik och italiensk elegance

Publisher: Forlaget Motorploven

Author: Per Groth

Reference: ISBN 978-87-91427-28-2

Number of pages: 336

Title: Volvo 1800 & 120 Owners Workshop Manual

Publisher: Brooklands Books ltd


Reference: ISBN 1-85520-153-4

Title: Volvo P1800 Ultimate Portfolio

Publisher: Brooklands Books ltd

Author: R.M. Clarke

Reference: ISBN 1 85520 7028

Number of pages: 208

Title: Volvo 1800 Owners Workshop Manual

Publisher: Autopress Ltd Golden Lane Brighton BN1 2QJ England

Author: Kenneth Ball

Reference:ISBN 0 85147 469 1.  First ed. 1972  Third ed. 1973

Number of pages: 176 pages

Title: Volvo 1945 – 73

Publisher: Schrader Verlag GmbH 1991


Reference: ISBN 3-922617-90-5

Number of pages: 160 pages

Title: Volvo safety with style

Publisher: Haines Publishing, UK, 2003

Author: Richard Dredge

Reference: ISBN 1 85960 964 3, Library of congress catalog card no 2003104832

Number of pages: 160 pages

Title: Chilton`s Volvo 1956 to 1969

Publisher: Chilton book company 1971,

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Number of pages: 136 pages

Title: Volvo Briefing

Publisher: Kelsey Publishing Ltd


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Number of pages: 42

Title: Volvo

Publisher: Ian Henry Publication

Author: John Creighton

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Number of pages: 65

Title: The story of VOLVO cars

Publisher: Patric Stephens, Cambridge

Author: Graham Robson

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Number of pages: 216 pages

Title: Illustrated VOLVO Buyer’s Guide

Publisher: Motorbooks International

Author: John Matras

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Title: Essential Volvo 120 Series and P1800

Publisher: Bay View Books

Author: Anders Ditlev Clausager

Reference: ISBN 1-870979-74-5

Number of pages: 80

Title: Volvo 1800 E, ES & S

Publisher:   Unique Motor Books

Author: Colin Pitt


Number of pages: 90

Title: Volvo 1800

Publisher: Transport Source Books

Author: Trevor Alder

Reference: ISBN 1 85847 449 3

Number of pages: 102

Title: Volvo 1800 The Complete Story

Publisher: Crowood AutoClassic

Author: David G. Styles

Reference: ISBN 1-86126-195-0

Number of pages: 191

Title: Volvo P1800

Publisher: Autovision

Author: Dieter Gunther/Walter Wolf

Reference: ISBN 3-9805832-2-8

Number of pages: 112

Title: Volvo 1800 Gold Portfolio

Publisher: Motorbooks International

Author: R.M Clarke

Reference: ISBN 1-85520-1305

Number of pages: 172

itle: Volvo 1800 1960 -1973

Publisher: Brooklands Book

Author: R.M Clarke

Reference: ISBN 0 907073 15 B

Number of pages: 100

Title: Swedish Iron

Publisher: Bill Webb

Author:  Bill Webb

Reference: 88-90022

Number of pages: 152

Title: Volvo 1800 and Family

Publisher: Motorbooks International

Author: Andrew Whyte

Reference:ISBN 0-85045-555-3

Number of pages:136

Title: The Complete Guide to the Volvo 1800 Series

Publisher: Dalton Watson LTD / Motorbooks Int. (GB / USA

Author: John Creighton

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Number of pages: 96

Title: Volvo Guide

Sports car press (distributed by crown publishers) New York / USA

Author: Bill Carroll

Reference: Library og congress card number: 60-14298 First published 1960. Cover picture from 3rd reprint 1962.

Number of pages: 151