The S-code is used to identify what equipment level a unit had upon delivery. Such equipment could be standard on one market, but extra option on others.

Volvo don’t have information about S-codes for 1800 in their historical archive. We have to rely on spare part books and information from owners of 1800S, E and ES to decode the numbers. The list below is not at all complete and in some cases only assumptions based on photos in the 1800 register.

S-codeEquipmentModelYearMarketNotes from the 1800 register
1270 ?P1800S1963 -S-code on the same line as ch# on the ID-plate
1320 ?1800S1966 -S-code on the same line as ch# on the ID-plate
5370Radiator in steel for the Nordic market1800S1968 -Scandinavia
5564Fan with slip clutch
and a number of minor parts including water pump no 419679-6
1800S 1969 
5577?1800S1969-All 1800S 1969
5589Cover for headrest
Upholstery group 307 &317
Part no 693456-6
1800S1969 -1800S 1969 California white (42) and Black (19)
-Upholstery 307-500
-USA and France (import from US)
5590Cover for headrest
Upholstery group 308, 318
Part no 692659-6
1800S1969 -All red (46), all black upholstery (308-501)
-Europe, USA and Panama
5591Cover for headrest
Upholstery group 310, 320
Part no 692660-4
1800S1969 -All dark green (94) or blue (99) with brown upholstery (310-557)
-Europe and USA
5912?1800E Japan-1800E 1971
-Japan and Australia
5950Multi blade fan1800E1970-72USA-All 1800E 1970
-All California white (42) with red upholstery (327-625)
-All with US spec. side indicators
5951?1800E1970-72USA & Canada-Some with US spec. side indicators
5952?1800E1970USA-All 1800E 1970
–All dark green (94) or blue (99) with brown upholstery
-All with US spec. side indicators
5956?1800E1971USA-All 1800E 1971
-All California white (42) with red upholstery (339-764)
-All with US spec. side indicator
5957US-specification1800E1971USA-All 1800E 1971
-All dark green (94) or gold metallic (105)
-All except 3 1800E with US spec. side indicators
5968Headlamp insert yellow halogen light with casing and bulb
Part no 1212892-2
  FranceNo cars in the register with that code. Strange with the same number below (from the spare part book)
5968Safety belt
Part no 673051-9
ch 30001-37549
 USA & Canada 
1972USA-US spec. side indicators
6026Safety belt
Part no 1221033-2
1800ES1972-73 Australia(only in combination with 5955)
6040Exhaust pipe
Part no 673224-2
1800ES ch#3070-1973USA &Canada 
6042?1800ES1973 Australia-All with roof mounted radio antenna (only in combination with 5955)
6044?1800ES  Australia(only in combination with 5955)
6046?1800ESOnly in combination with 5968
6077US-specification1800E& ES1972USA-All with US spec. side indicators
6078US-specification1800ES1973USA-All 1800ES 1973
-All except a few with US spec. sideindicators
6080Sun visor
Part no L 1210418-8
Part no R 1210419-6
6092?1800ES1973 (only in combination with 6115)
6106?1800ES1973 (only in combination with 6078)
6107?1800ES1973 -Great Britain, Australia and USA
6108?1800ES ?
6115?1800ES1973 (only in combination with 6092)

Combinations of several S-codes with links to cars on the 1800 register

5955, 6026, 6042
5955, 6026, 6044
5955, 6044
6008, 6077
6009, 6077
6010, 6077
6078, 6106
6078, 6107
6078, 6108
6092, 6115
5968, 6042, 6046