Grill & Wheels

The Grill and the wheels of the Volvo 1800 were changed 5 times during the years of production, 1961-1973. Here is a short journey through the models and years

So called “egg crate pattern” grill, made of thick light metal
P1800 1961-1963 #1-6000
P1800S 1963 #6001-8000
1800S 1964 #8001-12399

A more sophistically shaped grill, but on the same theme as previous, and still from light metal.
1800S 1965-1966 #12500-20

A more solid pattern with vertical bars.
1800S 1967-1969 #21000.29970

Same grill as 67-69 but here painted in dull black
1800E 1970-1971 #20001-37549

Grills in ABS plastic
1800E 1972 #37550-39414
1800ES 1972-1973 #1-8077

P1800 1961-1963 (Jensen)
Cap in metal covering wheelside.

1800S 1963-1964
Same hub cap as for the Volvo Amazon and other models.

4.5 inch hole rim and hub cap, same as Amazon combi cars

Also known as the “clover rim”, glossy wheel ring standard on the 1800E. Steel rim with a light metal centre.

Steel rim with square ventilation holes and glossy wheel ring

Dunlop light metal rims were available as options
for the 1800E-ES.