Misc. documents

Volvo 1800S Control Drawing Body to chassis 16499

Volvo 1800S Headligt Flasher Relay Wiring

by David Curtis Smith

The turn signal switch can momentarily activate the headlight high beams by pulling it toward the steering wheel. This was intentionally disabled in US bound cars. Three wires should still be in the wire loom in the firewall: violet, blue/white and violet/brown. Use a standard four pin SPST relay and connect as shown in the diagram

Headlight on warning buzzer

by David Curtis Smith

Standard SPDT (single pole double throw) relay and a Piezo buzzer. Both of these items can be found on eBay for less than $2 each. The alarm sounds when you shut off the engine with the lights still on. Sounds like a smoke detector, so it gets your attention.

Installation instructions for safety net. Volvo 1800ES Part No. 282764

Installation instructions for casing for radio and stereo in Volvo 1800. Kit No. 282022

All transistor AM.FM Stereo multiplex radio by Blaupunkt Installation instructions for Volvo 140 series, 164 and 1800E

Installations instructions for pause switch for windscreen wipers Kit No. 282881

Installation instructions for speaker in Volvo 1800ES Kit No. 282645 supplementary kit)

Speaker wiring Volvo 18000 ES

Installation instructions for rear window wiper and washer on Volvo 1800ES Kit No. 282391-2

Volvo 1800S ’67 Dash Pad Replacement – Notes and Observations

Chuck Wilberger – June 2018

Technical booklet from december 1969 regarding the fuel injection system in the Volvo 1800E.
It describes the working of the system, testing, fault tracing and maintenance FI 2M – 12/69

Electronically Controlled Gasoline injection
Workshop Manual

North American Volvo Dealer Directory booklet printed in June 1966

A list of authorized Volvo dealers based upon the information available to Volvo of America corporation 1972

Pirelli pocket guide

Tuning S.U Carburetters

BW 35 Manual

Engineering features of 1973 models

Volvo Fuel Injection Fault Tracing 7777920-5 1973

Presenting the Volvo p1800 Sports Coupe.The CAR for the discriminating driver

Volvo Service, special tools, 54 pages TP 40003-1 eng 1000.10.68

Lucas Fault Diagnosis Service Manual 

LUCAS Equipment & Spareparts, March 1963

Perfomance Tuning B18 series 

Smiths-Clock Instruction

BENDIX RADIO Reference list

1963: Bendix Radio: 3BN (279958 279959 279960)
1964: Bendix Radio: 4TBN (279958 279959 279960 279961)
1965: Radio: 5BN (279958)
1966: Radio: 6BVO
1967: Radio: 7BVOX
1967: Radio: 7FBVOX
1968: Bendix Radio: 8BVO
1969: Bendix Radio: 9FBVO 9FBVOC 9FBVOD
1968 Volvo FM-AM Radion Owner’s Manual, Installation instructions

Volvo 1800E Engineering Features

Installation instruction for steering wheel lock for 1800 540523/1 400.3.70

Fitting instructions for luggage rack 2777154-1

Template for jack crank handle rod

Service hints      4/68-1M

Volvo Competition Service Parts and Equipment Catalog No 7771017-6

Volvo Competion Service RSP PV 4624-77

Volvo Automatic Transmission Diagnostic Chart

Volvo Operating tips 1972

Consumer Performance Information 1973 Volvos TP88214/1 (USA) 15000.8.72

Rear Axle 7777944-5

Volvo P1800 package tray drawing (Courtesy of Christoph Voigts)

Homologation form P1800 1961

Homologation form 1800S 1966

Homologation form 1800E 1970

Volvo Tune up and Wheel alignment